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Websites where you can report telemarketers and other phone spammers

Federal Communications Commission (for junk fax reporting, pre-recorded messages, advertising text messages, "abandoned calls", or phone calls from "spoofed" phone numbers)
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (report phone calls from debt collectors, loan companies, credit reporting companies, or any other financial product or service)
Department of Justice: Office of Diversion Control (report extortion phone calls, calls where the caller impersonates a federal agent, or any scam calls)
FTC Complaint Assistant (report unwanted text messages, telemarketing calls, robocalls)
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (report identity theft, computer based fraud, tax fraud, mail fraud, telemarketing fraud)
IRS (Report Phishing and Online Scams)

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Phone number 6129647333 has been submitted to us on 12/03/2016.

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