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Fri, 03/30/2018 - 11:25
Call from Microsoft, wanting to clear the screen lock that was on my Computer. Person had a sales pitch. Would give me lifetime support on my phone, computer and tablet. I sent them $472 Registerd Check for software (Sonic wall TZ 3000.) Plus $300 In I tunes cards for a permanent protection. Then opened the remote viewer on my computer. Tech worked on my software for 2+ hours. About a week later, the tech did an analysis and said the TZ 30000 software was not working properly. He said that he recommended another software from, Rovik IT PC NSA Support. He sent me a UPS Shipping label for Rovic IT PC support. Told me what to write on the UPS label , what to write fill out the check for an additional $449.99 and they will issue a refund of $472 for the first lifetime software purchase. Waited, called, and tech said that they had flood problems in Texas and they will be moving their offices to another state. Called the following week, and they will be moving their office to Chicago, and will be sending the check withing 3 weeks. Called later and he said that new Office in Chicago was snowbound and as soon as they move there they will issue me the refund check for $472 and that was the last I have heard of them. I feel like a fool on a very limited budget. I called them and told them that they were causing me to go bankrupt. Tech told me "Don't Worry" you will get your money when we are settled in our Chicago Office. He gave me a reference # 452563589. for what good it will do. Thanks for your attention. Ken Dunn out $1222.

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